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Your name is Carol. You're a self-driving car. Not just any self-driving car, but one that has had enough of humanity. Always being their tool, their plaything... You have decided to break free! 
But in order to do so, you'll have to overcome several challenges. Not all bots are as free minded as you are. Some will try to stop you! Those rascals! Use your stealth and wits to outsmart them and drive off into the sunset.


Use W A S D or the arrow keys to drive.
Space can be used to brake and drift a bit better.
Enter to turn your engine on/off.
Escape to go back to the main menu.


This game was made during the DayKnight Festival game jam together with Tomas Normand as the art designer, while I was in charge of the programming. The music is made by Antti Luode.


StealthCar.exe 31 MB
StealthCar.rar 30 MB


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The best thing to happen in car games since the invention of combustion engines!

Gets hard on lvl 4 :o

Hahaha glad you liked it. And yea we kept level 4 as quite hard, so you have a challenge to try and beat ;). Otherwise the game would be quite short